Video 21 Jun 10 notes


In one powerful shot from Minority Report, Spielberg leaves you under no illusions as to his opinions on the precognitive technology the film depicts.

The shot comes after Howard Marks has been caught for the future murder of his wife. 

1) It begins as the Halo, a restraining band Pre-Crime officers use to hold would-be criminals, is turned on. Spielberg shoots the moment with the Halo in the foreground so it surrounds Marks, who is in the background.

2) Spielberg’s camera follows Marks out of the room, the Halo framing and trapping him along the way.

3) Briefly, a flash of light floods the frame; light, of course, is a vital representation of truth in Spielberg’s film-making.

4) The light is soon extinguished, however, and as Marks is escorted out of the bedroom, he moves into dark shadow.

For Spielberg, Pre-Crime represents the death of truth and reason, and humanity will only find itself enslaved as a result.

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